The Room’s Mechanism | Aristide Antonas | KET

Writer: Aristide Antonas
Director: Vasia Chronopoulou
Set Design & Costume Design: Lena Lekkou
Ligthing Design: Dimitris Baltas
Choreography: Faidra Soutou
Music: George Kosmidis
Masks: Martha Foka
Director’s Assistant: Mantha Karadima
Photography: Anotnis Lekkos
Production: Apparatus

Christos Kapenis, Stella Samioti, Vasilis Zois, Andreas Kanellopoulos

The story:

An unknown room behind a door, with only the door keeper holding the doorknob. This sleepless guard’s job is not to allow anyone to open the door. The room content remains unknown. The door, however is violated repeatedly and quickly  the events will take a completely unexpected turn. Three shots, two disappeared dead, two salary increases.

A project that is constantly dismantled. On the “Room’s Mechanism” nothing is taken for granted. The Door keepr is not a hero but a modern man that wants to refuse his social responsibilities. Bound by his contract, guarding a room whose content, and what is committed therein ignore.

The events concern only when threatened him. Similar and other characters incarnated by two actors, stay true to the task of their role, without names, but simply attributes: Guest, verger, interrogator etc. They work serving an occult power, well-tuned system in which integrate and porter. The exception is the Dahlia. The woman is carrying all the symbolic weight of opposition and resistance to the “Man-Machine”, is the only undertaking the investigation of the crime myself behind the room.