The Gears | Hernández Garrido

“The argument of “The Gears” is based on a new took place on the post-perestroika Russia. A couple killed a friend after a quarrel and after they went to bed to make love. The next morning, the woman used her friend´s body to make hamburgers. This text doesn´t pretend to be a documental-theatre or recreate a real fact, but investigate the protagonists of that macabre fact. It doesn´t pretend to be delighted with that diseased situation but to ask why people act on that way and how circumstances force them to take decision without sense for neutral observers.

The plot is centered on Nina, the wife, we follow her from infanthood, since then she reveals her hopes, fears, dreams and disappointments. Her whole life (her relation with her mother; her failed loves during her youth; her abortion which doesn´t allow her to have babies; her marriage with Michael and her meetings with Sergio, her lover) is shown to be understood and supported by the audience. The play doesn´t follow the chronological line. It is composed by small scenes from the present, past and future. It is similar to a cubist composition that increases the real story taken from a newspaper new. ”